2017 Tuesday Briefing

Direct From the Trade Show

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Research and Technology:
Bugging Out Over Insect Proteins

  • Science and Technology: Bugging Out Over Insect Proteins
    Locusts, ants and mealworms are just a few of the insects increasingly being mentioned as alternatives to traditional proteins. Dr. Kantha Shelke reports how the ethical, sustainable, and health credentials of insects may now outweigh the “ick” factor. Click here for video.
Category Profile: Store Brands Brew Excitement in Tea Aisle

It doesn't take reading tea leaves to know that the tea category is quickly filling up with new products and new consumers. Exotic varieties like matcha, sencha and oolong are attracting people interested in tea's reported health benefits. And Bob Vosburgh explains there are more ways than ever to enjoy tea, from specialty, ready-to-drink “cold brew” bottles to the ceremonial splendor of powdered Japanese matcha.

Click and Collect Gains Traction
BOPIS stands for Buy Online-Pick Up In Store and it is emerging as a key element in retailing’s strategy of balancing bricks-and-mortar and online. Roy White reports that consumers seem to like this option as well.
Store Brands Growth Goes Global

Now more than ever the success of private label is a global phenomenon. Brian Sharoff, president of PLMA, sees more global growth on the horizon and says the association is focusing on new programs to help member manufacturers.